Okay, so what is this place? It is my personal corner of the web where I get to geek out on Rockman. Exactly how I'm going to go about this,...is about anybody's guess. Be it thought experiments, artwork, research pieces, insights or other, I'll be gathering all that stuff and be presenting it here. To clarify, anything even remotely Rockman related to me is fair game here: So beyond anything baring the Rockman name, I may even wonder off into Cognitive Science and feed forward control systems if I think there's a remote fit.

     What this place won't be is an echo point for Rockman Game News, the generic strategy guide, or graphic rips of Capcom licensed art. There are already plenty of sites that do that, and do that well. There's no point in me repeating what other people already do, right?

     This site will probably update about every 4 days or so, more or less depending on my mood and such. Any sort of extended break will probably be mentioned beforehand.

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