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So what can we say about this instance? Admittantly, Imperfected game glitch cheats are not the way I would like to proceed and any

What was that name again?
  As a series, Rockman holds quite a few odd name decrpancies. And I'm not talking about all the intential conversions that were made for the Megaman Euro/American localization. While some of these can be credited towards translation problems, others are more along the lines of "Missing the point". Let us visit some, shall we?

  He is the Bombman.
  Behold our little brute explosive expert.  While his name is offcially recognized as Bombman, Japanese transcription suggests it's something else.  The Japanese language writing for this character's name is "     ", a katakana string that produces "Bombaman", which would normally translated to BombERman.


The good doctor is right?
  From the very first game, we were given that Rockman's Creator and Benifactor is Dr. Thomas Right.  This name of Right, as us fans are familar with it, was assumed to contrast his rival Dr. wily.  That is to say, while Dr. Right does the "right thing", Dr. Wily is scheming skilled at using clever tricks to deceive people.  To drive that point home, even his official marker is an "R".
  But a bit of conjecture from an affliated Rockman series Doctor suggests that Right might be a mistranslated misnomer. I present Hikari Tadashi, Battle Network Rockman.exe series "founder of the internet" and grandfather of series protagonst, Hikari Netto.  From his appearance and place in the series, it is most certain his creation is complete take of Dr.Right.  Interestingly, Tadashi's surname of "Hikari" translates to the word "Light".

 This alone wouldn't be so dramatic, as "Tadashi" is nowhere close in meaning to Thomas.  But the fact is that Japanese phomemes has no direct parallel to English's L or R. Alternatively, Japan has the phoneme set of ( ), which is used to translate both L and R sounds.
Couple these two facts together, and conjector this information back to "the original character" and maybe Rockman series' father or robotics should have the name of Dr. Light?


Forte and Gospel


  The first character that was solely designed  to serve as a rival to Rockman, Enker name construction was to follow the musical naming trend that Rock and Roll started. To contrast the relativley modern and energenic style of Rock & Roll music, designer Keiji Inafune decided to look at traditional music. The result of was Enka, a sentimental ballad of Japanese origins.
  But here lies the problem. The music style is Enka, not Enker. It defeats the concept of named after music when the compontents are the terms.  This would make more sense if Enker was suppose to be taken as a name of some person that "happens" to have musical tie-ins. But in ROCKMAN, Enker is a robot with purpose and name assignments directly from Dr. Wily. 



  I happened to visit Miranda Paugh's website, the Megaman Homepage recently and noticed the "musings" corner on her website. 

One of her complains was the lack of a slide and Charged Shot.  s











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