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And The Quick-Kill Glitching Suprises Continue~

Posted by Lazy Auto on Wednesday, June 22, 2011,

      Been working a lot this week, so I'm a bit behind for the next article~, Fortunately I can post part 2 of Joseph's Game Genie experiment with Rockman X, with more glittery glitchy surprises to come this time around. Be sure to catch PART 1 first if you missed it.

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Let's See How Fast And Gliched This Can Get~

Posted by Rightsuke on Sunday, June 12, 2011,

     A new article posting tomorrow, but in the meantime enjoy this insanity by affiliate and friend Jospeh of Music of the Game, who graciously heeded my whim of a Game Genie run of Rockman X after I had just watched Screwattack's Jared Never used an SNES Game Genie special. Long story short: Beat Rockman X, with super jump, one shot instant kill, and fast charge. With a lot of unexpected surprises along the way.

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