Like I said in the last post, it's been a rather busy and stressful week. But come time to work on a post, I ran into quite a dilemma., in a bid to earn it's silver account members which would pay them  $100 a year, blocks the use of javascript on their Free service, which is how this site is hosted.  The problem with this, I'm frugal, cheap, pooer at the moment and "idealistically outraged".

The most recent post that was going to go up was Java heavy, as I was going to start embedding Nico Nico Douga video. Also I was wanting to use Javascript to implement an image viewer that doesn't disrupt the flow of the articles on the page.  So maybe It is time for me to look for another home on the web? I'll be sure to keep you posted as how things turn out.  If you have good suggestions, by all means please comment~